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About Silicon Valley statup Nolymit founding team

  • Why will Nolymit mobile web app provide the above features to the world?

    Several things have been driving the founding team to build Nolymit mobile web app. Here is one of them. Now, thousands of skilled people, including fresh college graduates have fewer opportunities to get professional jobs due to massive outsourcing to lawless countries and importing cheap low quality workers with lawless mindset. We believe that Nolymit app features will help many individuals and small businesses to earn a decent income by easily reaching foreign buyers at Nolymit app platform. This kind of world will be better for all of us and not only just for a few. Our founding team has been working hard to add the above features and functions to Nolymit app. Stay tuned!

  • Nolymit Startup Founding Team:

    Helen Yu: Co-founder of Nolymit mobile web app; She worked as mobile web app UX/UI Lead at IBM Silicon Valley, Comcast Silicon Valley Labs and several other companies in several countries including China. She is awarded the 2005 International Scholar by INSTITUTE FOR GLOBAL ENTERPRISE IN INDIANA at University of Evansville. She has been invited to give lectures and talks in U.S. and China. She was selected as Official Candidate for 2012 & 2005 Board of Directors of Harvard Credit Union Bank. She finished the graduate program majoring web engineering at Harvard. More info on Helen Yu can be found at LinkedIn:

    Ms Yinghui: Co-founder of Nolymit mobile web app; She worked as team manager at HP China and several other Chinese tech companies in Beijing. She earned B.S. majoring Computer Science from Hebei University of Technology in China.

    More team members will be added here later whenever we have the time.

How to reach Nolymit app founding team:

U.S. Silicon Valley phone: 1-408-8002178
(We founding team reads each email from human and will reply as early as we can; "AT" word above is to prevent spam mails sent to us by web robots)