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The Frequently Q & A for the User of this A. I. Robot Movie Adviser

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    The following are frequently Q & A about the  If you wish us to give more Q & A here and add more features to this A. I. Moviebot, please post your questions, suggestions and needs in this forum at any time.


    Q: Will “”  work on all devices all the time ?

    A: In most situation, works.  If this website address “” cannot be opened in your browser, please try this: “” in your browser.


    Q: Do you have the tutorial on how to use this

    A: Yes.  Here is the video:

    If website is blocked in your country, the following page may be opened in your country:



    Q: What kind of features will our Moviebot team add to this bot?

    We will add the features asked by many of this bot users here.


    Q: When will the coming soon feature be available for the bot?

    Answer: The coming soon feature is now available!


    Q: Is there any way I can save my favorites tab for future reference?

    Answer: The private beta version of this moviebot does not have this feature yet. However, this seems to be a much demanded feature, and we will surely add it to our next version. For now though, the users will need to copy and paste the movie name. If you create an account on the mobile web app, you can keep your selected favorites and access them on any device easily at any time.


    Q: Why are the results for the MovieBot sometimes cut off?

    A: For now, the private beta version of this moviebot is doing some testing, so we decided to display the top 10 results from the movie recommendation list. In the next version of the bot, we will surely list all of the movie results recommended to the users.


    Q: Can we access old movies as well in this A. I. moviebot now?

    A: We are considering about this feature now.  In the next version of the moviebot, we may include this feature. 


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