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Practice Speaking the foreign language which you are learning + Get Inspired with the multilingual InspireBot app for FREE!

Now, you can get annual membership at a small fee to use the InspireBot mobile web app (version 1) before the limited early-bird slots are taken by other buyers.

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What can you get from using NolymitAI startup’s InspireBot robot version 1?

  • Some of these inspiring quotes given by the NolymitAI Inspirebot are unique content which cannot be provided by any web search engines;
  • Our InspireBot has given the inspiring quotes with images that have made many users feel good instantly!
  • Our NolymitAI’s Inspirebot chats with you in text or voice like a caring friend without judging you;
  • This app is user-friendly on any devices at any time; The images and videos on this page prove this point.
  • While uplifting the users from bad mood for free, the InspireBot also can help you learn several words of your preferred foreign languages daily for free!
  • Are there any other English apps that can provide similar benefits as those provided by the InspirebBot? Based on our extensive experiences with software robots, the answer is NO!

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What world exclusive benefits can non-English speakers get from using the Inspirebot?

  • On the above Inspirebot (private prototype), you select your native language, this inspirebot will be translated into your selected language. You just enter the keywords of your mood in the selected language, the InspireBot will give the very useful quotes with images that can make you feel good instantly!
  • Important: Most of these inspiring quotes given by the above NolymitAI Inspirebot are unique content which cannot be provided by any web search engines based on your non-English keywords.

Many people have been inspired by using our Inspirebot in their lives

  • Many people have used the Inspirebot (beta version) for several years, and the famous quotes often give them good mood when they are down. Some of these people have joined our NolymitAI team!
  • Here are some of the words said by some users of the InspireBot robot:
    “The multilingual Inspirebot is ingenious! It instantly changes my perspective when I’m in a bad mood. I would recommend the Inspirebot for anyone who wants to improve or maintain their well-being.” – Brett in California;
    “The Nolymit Inspirebot caters to anybody looking for motivation, a sentence or two to reenforce positivity and wash away inhibitions. Its multilingual capabilities make it accessible and versatile for anyone, at any age. ” – Yash in California;
  • The following video shows you how and why so many people got good mood from using the InspireBot.

What kind of exclusive benefits will this Annual User Membership of the InspireBot app (version 1) bring you?

  • You can get inspired from the version 1 of the Inpirebot for 12 months from the date of receiving the web page link of version 1.
  • During your annual membership period, you have the opportunity to show your own inspiring quotes, stories, images and videos in this InspireBot, so thousands of users of NolymitAI Inspirebot software robot will get inspired from your creation and will see your name. So, less people in the world will become depressed or do damages!
    How will your work be displayed to the users of the InspireBot robot on After your inspiring creative work is emailed to us, they will be displayed to the users based on the inputs of the users of the Inspirebot.
  • Your membership fee will also enable us to donate some annual membership slots to these who really need it but cannot afford the membership fee. Each purchase will help us to donate one membership slot to these people.
  • So, click the Buy Button below now! The new page will be displayed for you to enter your payment information. No worry, you can change your mind before filling your information on the payment page.


The InspireBot app has been working correctly for more than two years

  • During these two plus years, this InspireBot app were running 99% of the time. It only had few accidents
  • For these people who have purchased the above annual membership fee, if you cannot use the InspireBot due to accident of the InspireBot, we will give you extra days to use the InspireBot version 1 to cover these days of the accident.
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  • Why has this multilingual software robot app been so reliable? Why can NolymitAI team make this app reliable for the buyers in the coming years?
  • The InspireBot app is built and managed by a small team of experienced female and male entrepreneurs, engineers and designers around Silicon Valley, U.S.A. This team’s combined professional experiences related to tech products is around 50 hears.

Not ready to get the InspireBot user membership at this small fee? Try the InspireBot beta version for free!

What are the major differences between the beta version and version 1 of the InspireBot product?

  • Beta version has less quotes and images than Version 1; Beta version of InspireBot only understand around 5 common mood and give replies to user’s inputs around these 5 mood;
  • Version 1 of the InspireBot can provide more quotes with images reply to the input of each kind of mood, and also can understand more than 5 kinds of mood.
  • Version 1 of the InspireBot robot also provides a list of Urgent Help Phone Number of non-profit organization help line of many cities in North America if you enter “Urgent Help Phone” keywords at the InspireBot robot app (version 1) whenever you need. Searching for these numbers on the web will cost you a long time. These urgent situation may have brought you Costly Damages before you can find the needed Urgent Help Phone Number over the web search engines.
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How can you get Free Access to the beta version of the InspireBot robot?

How can you get the InspireBot annual user membership at this special small fee now?

  • 100% RISK-FREE!
    15 Day Money Back Guarantee! Before you pay for this annual fee, you should have used the above beta version of the InspireBot and really want to get more enjoyment from the InspireBot version 1.
  • After you have made the payment by clicking on the Buy Button below, the page containing the web page link of the InspireBot version 1 will be displayed to you.
  • What is the current Early-Bird special for this annual fee? US$17/year, 80% off our regular annual fee!
  • We are now offering Holiday Special: 40% off from the listed membership fee below:
    To get this special discount, you need to enter the coupon code on the payment page. Our marketing affiliates can give you this discount code. We NolymitAI team provided this Coupon Code in our recent newsletter sent to those who gave us their email addresses before. You can get this code now if you sign up on our newsletter mailing list.
  • So, click the Buy Button below now! The new page will be displayed for you to enter your payment information. No worry, you can change your mind before filling your information on the payment page.

NolymitAI's Multilingual software robot  “InspireBot” gives you Inspiring Quotes based on any input

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) + Our Contact Info

  • When will my annual membership start after the payment is made?
    Your paid user annual membership for the InpireBot starts from the date receiving the web page link of the InspireBot version 1.
  • If you still have any Q about the InspireBot version 1 after you have tried the InspireBot (beta), you can reach us in the following way: or reach us on this form below:

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