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NolymitAI’s Newsletters and Blog

NolymitAI Newsletter for April 15 -28/2024 (Click here to read)

A high-level Former NSA Cybersecurity expert has come forward to blow the whistle and EXPOSE the FBI’s coverup of a MASSIVE set of backdoor exploitation in to our US election system ahead of the 2024 election!

NolymitAI Newsletter for March 26 -April 14/2024 (Click here to read)

April 13, 2024; Former President Donald Trump had a rally in Pennsylvania and
spoke on Iran’s latest attack on Israel, expressed his support for the people, and more on NEWSMAX.

NolymitAI Newsletter for March 1-25/2024 (Click here to read)

Rep. MTG Calls For Rep. Mike Gallagher To Be Expelled, Omnibus Was “Attack On Our Entire Country” ;

NolymitAI Newsletter for Jan.8-28/2024 (Click here to read)

Jan 26, 2024; “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” Carl breaks down why Democrats are including migrants in the census, explains why President
Joe Biden wants migrants to have work permits, and more on NEWSMAX.

NolymitAI Newsletter for Jan.1-7, 2024 (Click here to read)

The Facts About Jan 6 Are Being Buried by the Media

NolymitAI Newsletter for Dec.11-17, 2023 (Click here to read)

The GOP Congressman SHOCKS WORLD Reveals, BUSSES of FBI Agents on January 6th | ‘This is a Fed Ghost Bus!’

NolymitAI Newsletter for Nov.20-26, 2023 (Click here to read)

Biden family spent their Thanksgiving day with their pay master – the corrupt billionaire who got lots of his dirty money from China CCP during past many years while lots of people have been abused by CCP leader Xi; Brian Costello Explains How Democrats Co-Opted A CCP Weapon To Target President Trump;

NolymitAI Newsletter for Nov.5-19, 2023 (Click here to read)

Nov 16, 2023; HongKong immigrant Anna Kwok speaks out against the Chinese Communist Party amid China CCP Chairman Xi Jinping’s meeting with President Biden on ‘The Bottom Line.’ Based on the info we collected about protesting against Xi’s attending APEC, S.F city police arrested anti-CCP protesters at APEC based on CCP’s lies without evidence and also let CCP-paid rioters beat anti-CCP protesters at APEC;

NolymitAI Newsletter for Oct.23 – Nov.5, 2023 (Click here to read)

BLM Leader Endorses Trump And Stands In Solidarity With J6 Political Prisoners | A Conversation With Mark Fisher;

NolymitAI Newsletter for Oct.16-22, 2023 (Click here to read)

Oct 20, 2023; Greg Kelly exposes President Joe Biden for his alleged corruption with evidence of a check written to Joe, breaks down payments that went from a company to Joe’s brother James and then from James to Joe, details more alleged corruptions within the Biden family, and more on NEWSMAX.

NolymitAI Newsletter for Oct.1-15, 2023 (Click here to read)

Oct 13, 2023; Carl Higbie breaks down Iran’s influence in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, exposes President Biden’s dealings with Iran, and more on NEWSMAX. The stupidity of the lefty gov in the U.S. and other western nations attracted the evil nations and terrorists in the world to attack the U.S. and its allies now!!

NolymitAI Newsletter for Sept.4-17, 2023 (Click here to read)

Mike Benz: The American Mafia Families Suppressing American Populist

NolymitAI Newsletter for August21-Sept.3, 2023 (Click here to read)

September 1, 2023; Robert Epstein is an American psychologist, professor, author, and journalist. He was awarded a Ph.D. in psychology by Harvard University in 1981, was editor in chief of Psychology Today, and has held positions at several universities including Boston University, University of California, San Diego, and Harvard University; In 2019, Dr. Epstein testified to Congress about Google’s election tampering. He joins us to discuss how he’s taken on the conglomerate.

NolymitAI Newsletter for August7-14, 2023 (Click here to read)

Michigan Law Enforcement BUSTS MASSIVE Voter Fraud Campaign Funded By… Joe Biden;

NolymitAI Newsletter for July21-August6, 2023 (Click here to read)

Aug 4, 2023 ; Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz calls for Donald Trump’s trial to be televised.

NolymitAI Newsletter for July3-20, 2023 (Click here to read)

IRS Whistleblowers Testify on Biden Probe Corruption

NolymitAI Newsletter for June 19 – July2, 2023 (Click here to read)

BREAKING: The U.S. Congress Speaker – McCarthy Announces IMPEACHMENT Proceeding For Biden Regime | IRS Whistleblower BOMBSHELL

NolymitAI Newsletter for June 12 – 18, 2023 (Click here to read)

June 16, 2023 ; Carl Higbie believes that the FBI is protecting President Biden, expresses his anger with the debt ceiling deal, and wonders why Republicans aren’t looking to impeach President Biden.

NolymitAI Newsletter for May 22-29, 2023 (Click here to read)

This May 29 show breaks down the agreement between President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on the debt limit; McCarthy and RINOs caved to Dem Party and Biden’s demands on lifting Debt Ceiling; MAGA voters should fight back to stop this caved deal!!! Vote for one MAGA person to replace McCarthy to be the Speaker!!

NolymitAI Newsletter for May 15-21, 2023 (Click here to read)

May 16, 2023; OpenAI CEO Samuel Altman testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee about artificial intelligence.

NolymitAI Newsletter for May 8-14, 2023 (Click here to read)

Chicago Black People are not happy with the damages brought by the Illegal Immigrants imported by the Dem Party and RINOs

NolymitAI Newsletter for April 24 – May8, 2023 (Click here to read)

The Multilingual Talking User Instruction Chatbot for several brands of product built by us with NolymitAI technology has helped these companies sell more products and gain higher profits than chatGTP can!

NolymitAI Newsletter for April 17-23, 2023 (Click here to read)

The chatbots built by NolymitAI for your food menu only give you facts without the lies told by chatGPT!

NolymitAI Newsletter for April 4-16, 2023 (Click here to read) CEO Paul Yacoubian on keeping up with GPT’s rapid evolution & AI’s potential impact;

NolymitAI Newsletter for March 20 – April 2, 2023 (Click here to read)

The Talking User Instruction Chatbot built with NolymitAI technology is more useful to companies and users than chatGTP is;

NolymitAI Newsletter for March 8-19, 2023 (Click here to read)

The Restaurant Menu Chatbot with Health Info built by NolymitAI tech startup has helped lots of people order food in Better Way than chatGTP has!


NolymitAI Newsletter for Feb.22-March 7, 2023 (Click here to read)

Tucker Blows The DOORS OFF January 6th LIES | 45K Hours Of Security Footage EXPOSED Cover-Up




NolymitAI Newsletter for the month of Jan, 2023 (Click here to read)

In this episode, we take a look at the many problems facing China’s economy. How did the country end up in this position and what does it mean for the rest of the world?


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of Dec.5-18, 2022 (Click here to read)

The Congress woman Claudia Tenney: Omnibus spending bill will cause more harm to Americans;


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of Nov.21-Dec.4, 2022 (Click here to read)

Julie Kelly Explains The Secret Relationship Between Big Tech And The FBI Through Special Agent Elvis Chan;


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of Nov.14-20, 2022 (Click here to read)

The FTX Disaster is Deeper Than you Think; Nov 16, 2022; This video provides more details on this: How FTX founder tried to buy off the Dem Party leaders
and lefty corporate media that have covered up lots of illegal activities done by FTX;


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of Oct.31-Nov.13, 2022 (Click here to read)

This show provides these facts: FTX founder millionaire used millions of dollars to have bought the silence of the Dem Party gov by donating to the Dem Party in 2022 Election while he illegally used the money of his company’s customers and investors;


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of Oct.17-30, 2022 (Click here to read)

Greg Price Highlights Odd Facts Of Attack On Paul Pelosi Including Third Unidentified Individual


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of Oct.3-16, 2022 (Click here to read)

SHOCKING Video Shows Pelosi Saying She WANTED Jan 6th To Happen And Threatening To ATTACK Trump; Oct 14, 2022


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of Sept.19 – Oct.2, 2022 (Click here to read)

Newsmax reports on this: The Dem Party promoted trans Army officer indicted for attempting to transfer confidential military medical information to Russian FSB/KGB


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of Sept.5-18, 2022 (Click here to read)

Democrats SLAMMED Over Deploying National Guard & Shipping Illegal Immigrants BACK To Florida. Democrats claim its kidnapping and trafficking despite Biden and other Democrats doing the same. Immigration, inflation, crime, the economy, all of these issues are coming home to roost and democrats are in for a rude awakening in november.


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of August15-Sept.4, 2022 (Click here to read)

Americans of both sides of the political aisle aren’t happy with Joe Biden’s use of U.S. Marines for his primetime speech at
Independence Hall.


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of August 1-14, 2022 (Click here to read)

This West Virginia state “Secretary of State” provided shocking facts on this: The Biden regime and the Dem party has been QUIETLY using the President Executive Order and the Fed. gov money to push people to vote for the Dem party candidates in the Mid-term Election in 2022!!


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of July 18-31, 2022 (Click here to read)

From the time slot 9 minutes in this video, you can see the video clip on this – In 1994, Nancy Pelosi read out the letter at the Congress sent by the 1989 Tianmen Square Massacre Political Prisoner; This letter provides the bloody facts about the political prisoners were beaten to make products exported to the western countries; Pelosi’s actions helped this Political Prisoner escaped to the U.S.; But now, lots of politicians and elites in North America are bought off by China CCP bloody money to secretly support China CCP and brutal labor under the dictator!






This week is June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre. The Tiananmen Square Protests changed China forever. On this China Uncensored, find
out how the Communist Party has tried to erase it from the history books.

NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of May 16-29, 2022 (Click here to read)



NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of April 18 – 30, 2022 (Click here to read)

How can we shut down the “Ministry of Truth” office just created by the dictator Biden Regime?


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of April 3 – 17, 2022 (Click here to read)

This show provides some facts about this: The disaster human right abusing Wuhan virus lockdown in China; The U.S. Dem party and Canadian Liberal Party leaders are copying China CCP’s lockdown in North America;


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of March 21 – April 3, 2022 (Click here to read)

This show contains many important facts about the left radicals in North America, and here are some of them: Biden Regime’s Energy Secretary got this job due to the pressure from the U.S. Communist Party that has been infiltrated by Putin Russian gov and China CCP for a long time; Putin said that Christian religion and Communist party have similar ideology!!!


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of March 7-20, 2022 (Click here to read)

Click here to learn more about this! The Biden Regime is bought by China CCP and so does not want to sanction China CCP that has been shipping huge amount of materials through China-Russia border to support Russian invasion; Without the critical support of China, Putin and his military will have no capability to go on this invasion, You should demand your gov to Sanction the CCP and the CCP companies for supporting Putin’s War Crime!!


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of March 1-6, 2022 (Click here to read)

Shocking facts and stupidity: The past 20 plus years of radicals’ “Green” and “CRT” lies have pushed the nations with human rights value to depend on the products and energy produced by several world evil nations, that have used huge amount of money earned from these silly liberal nations to arm themselves with huge amount of dangerous weapon;

These evil nation dictators have used these weapon to do lots of military drills and killing in the world, surely these military actions have increased global warming; But these “Green” and “CRT” promoters in the liberal nations have NEVER condemned that the wars and energy plus products produced by these evil slave nations have polluted the Earth and destroyed lots of human!!! Why??? Follow the money!!!


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Weeks of Feb.14-28, 2022 (Click here to read)

Shocking – Hillary Clinton said to her internal circle in 2016 that many phony “GREEN” promoters in the world took lots of money from Russia that has used huge amount of oil dollars from these “GREEN” + Woke and Weak lefty countries to rebuild its huge military and more dictatorship nations in the world;




NolymitAI Newsletter for the Week of Jan.3-9, 2022

This newsletter contains more Shocking Facts covered up by the lying U.S. corporate media and Globalist Elites about Jan.6/2021 protest at the U.S. Capital Building and the results of Wuhan Virus Vaccine + Our InspireBot will ease your anger over these lies!!


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Week of Dec.27/2021 – Jan.2, 2022

NolymitAI’s Holiday Discount from our regular price; The famous Dr. Zelenko’s suggestions that will help you stop catching Wuhan
virus in Year 2022!


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Week of Dec.20-26, 2021

More people in the world are fighting back against ILLEGAL vaccine mandate during this holiday!! + NolymitAI InspireBot with more features will encourage you to fight for your legal rights – You can get this app with this Holiday Special Price now!


NolymitAI Newsletter for the Week of Dec.13-19, 2021

NolymitAI’s Special Gift for your Christmas or Holiday + About real Dr. Fauci and medical tyranny