How did AI Multilingual Food Menu Health Information Chatbot Page greatly increase the profits of several restaurants that used it?

People do not order any dishes from restaurants which they cannot see their health benefits

I will only order this great-looking dish after I have learned about the details and health benefits of this Indian food!!

I will only order this strange-looking dish after I have learned about the details and health benefits of this Peruvian food!!

Our NolymitAI’s solution for restaurants to fix the above pain points: Multilingual Food Menu Details Web Page

This Video demos this: Multilingual Talking User Manual Web Page helps people quickly help the needed page of;
This video will help you understand how Multilingual Food Menu Details Web Page works;

How did Multilingual Food Menu Details Web Page greatly increased the profits of several restaurants?

These restaurants’ customers ordered more dishes after they saw the health benefit details of some dishes on the above kind of menus in their native languages including English;

How does the above kind of restaurant menu work for restaurants and your customers?

They saw the QR code or web page link of the Multilingual Food Menu web page on that restaurant’s English food menu; They opened it by scanning the QR code or clicking the link;

Then on that page, they select their native language and enter the specific English dish name, the
details of that dish are displayed in his/her mother tong to them instantly, and these details of
each dish cannot be provided by any paper menu or restaurant staff;

What is the cost for each restaurant to get the above type of magic Multilingual Food Menu from us?

The cost for your restaurant clients to get the above kind of menu is minimal comparing to the long term revenue generated by the Multilingual Food Menu Web Page; What is the cost for your time to obtain this kind of attractive menu that sells? Around 2-3 hours of your time and we NolymitAI tech company will handle the rest of the work to deliver the above kind of menu web page;

Now to help more food places see the benefits of this world bleeding new AI technology, we are now selecting several restaurants to obtain the above kind of food menu for free through our Pilot Program; But, you need to reach us early before we end this Pilot Program; We will provide you the details about this after you contact us on the form below;

Have the Multilingual Food Menu Web Pages worked correctly in the past?

We NolymitAI has used our exclusive world leading-edge technology discussed above to have built several reliable Multilingual Customer Service mobile web apps helping the worldwide users; The Multilingual Food Menu Web Page is just another kind of app.

The multilingual language understanding capability in our apps is engineered by us using the world bleeding-edge AI technology; Thousands of people have used around 40 different languages to input keywords to find some correct info from our AI apps, and they told us that they understood these answers displayed in their native languages by our apps;

The following is one of our multilingual apps engineered by us; Please try out this yourself, so you can see the reliability of our technology;

This Multilingual Talking User Manual mobile web app helps you find fast some useful info about 4 airports around Silicon Valley area

How can your restaurant obtain the above type of Multilingual Dish Details Food Menu Web Page from us?

Our NolymitAI tech startup has tried our best to make it very easy for our clients to get it from us in the past! The process to get this will only take several minutes of your time;

You just need to give us a digital copy of your English Food Menu; We will use this info to deliver the above type of web page to you within short time; If your restaurant does not have website, we can also deliver this to you;

Please scan the QR code or press the button below to try one of the Multilingual Dish Details Food Menu web pages built by us

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) + Our Contact Info

Is your company offering the Pilot Program to several restaurants on building the above kind of food menu​​
Yes, we are; But, this program will be ended shortly after we select several restaurants. ​So, you can still apply to be part of this Pilot Program below;

How to get more information about the above offer from NolymitAI tech company?
Please reach us on the contact form below; You also can send message to us at this (; We will reply you within 2 business days from the date of receiving your email;

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