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In order to protect the IP of Nolymit technology, the following Nolymit technology chatbot (Beta) only provides initial information about how we build multilingual chatbots for our clients. More details on this offer are provided on the following page below and can be provided after reaching us through the contact form on the page below.


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The solutions to the voice issue you may encounter when using Inspirebot

Now, this AI voice technology is in beta. The AI chatbot here TALKs on major types of computers and mobile devices.

  • On some Apple devices, the language options will be displayed on Grey Panel on the bottom after Google Translation Button is pressed;
  • For now, this “?” symbol cannot be used in the input box and this issue will be fixed shortly;
  • Why does this chatbot talk html code sometimes? This is a bug in this chatbot app now. It will be fixed shortly.
  • The voice reply capability of this AI chatbot works better with Chrome browser or Android devices. In Safari browser, press the Talk Button to hear the last text reply.
  • If the voice reply feature does not work, please REFRESH your browser;
  • AI multilingual chatbot technology imagination
  • Try the talking feature on the English version first, then this chatbot will talk the foreign language based on your selection. Some languages on this chatbot do not have a voice.
  • English voice comes out faster than other language voice on this AI chatbot. So please wait for several seconds for non-English voice.

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