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The following 1-2 minute tutorial shows you how to quickly get inspired from this Multilingual Talking software robot.



Tap on the button several times to see and hide the hidden help


This multilingual web app can give you inspiring quotes from famous people based on the emotions/feelings you input.


    The following are some keywords to help you get started:

  • Enter “help” to know how to use the app;
  • Enter “happy”, “sad”, “hopeless”, “excited” to get inspiring quotes related to each feeling.
    Why is this app helpful/useful?

  • You can learn different languages FAST and for FREE with this app;
    Research shows that having a foreign language skill helps lots of individuals gain life-changing opportunities and succeed at a young age. Besides, published research papers have proved that learning a foreign language can greatly improve cognitive abilities.
  • Getting bullied at school? Lost your direction in life? Politics ruining your mood? Having trouble finding someone to talk to about these problems? This app gives inspiring quotes that will uplift your mood and help you keep motivated;

Practice Speaking Foreign Languages with Inspiring Quotes at InspireBot App!

Our Help for Most Tech Issues of Using This App
  • This robot app is in beta. It works in the world’s major browsers on most major types of computers and mobile devices.
  • This app replies to your questions using AI technology. Based on our RICH experiences, no human or other apps in the world can give you better FREE help than this app can on this! Bust occasionally, few replies are not correct. If this happens, please try different inputs to get the good reply which you are looking for.
  • Chrome browser enables more languages to talk on this app.
  • If the voice reply feature does not work, please REFRESH your browser.
  • Some languages on this app do not have voice. Talking capability in this app is a bonus to the user and not guaranteed.
  • Please wait for several seconds for non-English voice.