Get the customized multilingual mobile web app that will attract thousands of foreigners to take your tour online and also in person!

We understand the major problems which tour companies and tourist shops are facing right now

  • We know that the tour companies such as yours have been hurting. Most people cannot take your tour in person or buy your products in tourist shops right now.
  • Lots of people want to take your tours or buy your special products, but cannot understand English correctly.

We have solved the above types of problems with our leading-edge AI multilingual technology


  • ​To help solve the above type of problems, we have built the leading-edge AI multilingual Mobile Web App below.
  • ​Thousands of people have benefited a lot from this AI mobile web app and love it!
  • The image on the left here is the demo of our AI mobile web app: NolymitAI’s Multilingual 24/7 Smart Helper app for traveling around Silicon Valley area airports. The live version of this app is below and you can try it yourself!
Can you get a customized AI mobile web app similar to the app demo above?
  • You can ask us to build your customized multilingual AI app similar to the above app with your tour or product information. This app can be placed on your website. That way your website visitors can take your online tours in your multilingual AI mobile web app for a fee or free!

  • If your shop sells Special Products around any tourist areas, you can ask us to add your shop’s product info to the above app.
  • The new version of the above app can be placed on your website. So your website visitors can take your online tours from your multilingual AI mobile web app.
  • You can offer your above online tour app for any fee or for free as you wish.
Will this kind of app bring more profits to your company quickly?


  • Many people – especially thousands of foreigners who cannot take your tour in person will want to experience your tour in their native language from your multilingual tour mobile web app.

  • We are very sure that the above experience will really encourage many of these app users to experience your tour in person when they can.
  • Our rich experiences with many people around the world tell us that many foreigners will pay a small fee to use the above tour app in their native languages, as they cannot find these tour info over the web in their native languages.
  • Some of these visitors who have seen your rare products in your multilingual online shop app may reach you to buy some rare products!
  • Plus, we will also use our global resources to help lots of foreigners learn about your above multilingual online tour app or online shop app.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) + Our Contact Info
  • How much do you charge for building the above kind of online tour / store app?
    As most travel businesses are now hurting, our NolymitAI tech startup now is giving the big discount off the normal price we charge for building the above kind of app. So, the current fee for building the above kind of online app is minuscule to you.

  • How to get more information about the above offer?
    Please reach us on the contact form below and we will reply you within 2 business days from the date of receiving your email;

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