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The current achievements of our NolymitAI tech startup at Silicon Valley:

  • Our team’s past several years of hard work has made these great achievements: We have built the world-leading Multilingual Talking GenerativeAI Chatbot technology that has found great market fit and potential through lots of market experiments; NolymitAI world-leading Multilingual Talking GenerativeAI Chatbot technology can provide better quality answers to our chatbots’ users than chatGPT can; Recently, Ycombinator tech startup incubation company team at Silicon Valley considered our NolymitAI among top promising tech startups and invited us to apply for its incubation program.
  • Now, our Multilingual Talking User Manual Chatbot product and Multilingual Food Menu Chatbot product are built with our above NolymitAI technology; We have built several User Manual chatbots for several brands of hardware products owned by some tech companies industry and have built the Food Menu chatbots for several restaurants, and we will gain lots of sales revenue through these two industries; After we raise more VC investments, we will gain more sales revenue for other industries; Please learn more about the above products on the pages below:
    Multilingual Talking User Manual Will Greatly Help Your Product Attract More Buyers, and Reduce Customer Service
    The Multilingual Food Menu Chatbot with lots of details built with NolymitAI tech will Greatly Increase Profits of restaurants!
  • In addition to the above products, our team has been imagining and engineering the new generative video ecommerce AI mobile web platform without censorship! The platform is still in stealth mode, and it will become the leader in this special category of platform and will also help our above chatbot products gain more paid B2B clients!
  • Our NolymitAI founding team is confidently marching towards the grand vision and mission and also $billion tech company; Please learn more about us below:

What kind of person can fit well with the current needs of our this role?

  • You have gained some tech product and operation experiences at more than one tech startups in North America and you really wish to gain more experiences related to product management and COO role from tech startups; Now, you decided to join one software tech startup founding team as a co-founder and help this tech startup to reach its professional and financial vision and mission; And you also can gain your great own professional and financial success through helping one tech startup grow into one major tech company worth billions of dollars!
  • Now, you are excited about our NolymitAI tech startup’s grand vision and mission; You believe that you can use your energy, business development skill and resources to help NolymitAI startup to reach its vision and mission as one of our founding team members, and you can reach your own above dream through this journey.
  • You had great work relationship with some talented female engineers and bosses, and you feel comfortable and confident with the tech startups co-founded by experienced female founders.
  • You are a positive person with this kind of mindset: – Look at everything with the “glass half full” attitude. You like to spend your time to improve any work and products instead of criticizing the work of others.
  • You only want fair credits and compensation for the contribution made by you. Our standard of “fairness” is the convention of Silicon Valley tech startups;

What can each of NolymitAI founding team members gain after helping NolymitAI’s technology greatly benefits the world?

  • NolymitAI founding team members will be recognized by millions of people for your contribution to the success of NolymitAI technology;
  • Due to the effective management of current NolymitAI founding team, we have finished R&D of our world leading AI technology and then helped our products to be market fit with boostrap funding through several years; So, NolymitAI tech startup’s overall market value may be evaluated to be around $20 millions by Silicon Valley VC investors; So, any new tech startup that just has one idea without market fit product has been given few market value by VC investors;
  • So, we NolymitAI startup board now still can use generous equity and cash salary to compensate the full-time contribution of each new founding team member; We NolymitAI startup has followed Silicon Valley standards and convention to compensate these contribution; The equity earned by each of our founding team members will have more value than the equity of the tech startup that has no market-fit product;
  • You also have the rare opportunity to gain more achievements related to AI technology sales/marketing; This kind of startup achievements have been highly valued by most tech companies and VC investment firms in North America!
  • We NolymitAI founding team has been effectively working together remotely for several years because we have been using internal work platform to effectively manage all of our work reports; So, each of NolymitAI founding team members has
    made their contribution to the growth of NolymitAI based on their own flexible schedule

What is our recruitment process for this role?

  • NolymitAI tech startup founding team has followed Silicon Valley successful processes and convention to recruit all founding team members and its employees; These processes have worked well for our startup;
  • After we go through some recruiting processes, if we both like to find out if we can work together for a long time, the interested applicant will need to finish some amount of hours of part-time trial work with us; After that, we both parties can decide the next step;
  • If we can work well together for several months, this applicant will be invited to join NolymitAI tech startup founding team and sign some Silicon Valley tech startup style agreements; All these finished hours of part-time trial work will help you earn some equity of NolymitAI startup;
  • If we do not have the luck to work together to help NolymitAI startup grow big, then we have the luck to get to know each other and you will gain some professional connections with us and experiences; You never know what luck these connections and experiences may bring you in the future!

How to apply

  • Apply to:
  • Be sure to include in your email the following information:
    Your cover letter and resume;