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Silicon Valley tech startup – NolymitAI Newsletter Nov.15- 21

# The products with Online Talking User Manuals need much less customer service and saw less returned products!

# We are recruiting one Business Development Consultant in different country (part-time or full-time) ;

# Several great videos about current hot news related to keeping us safe, freedom and prosperity.

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The online Product User Manual with Search and Talking capability has Reduced Customer Service and Product Returns 


We changed the content of the above video and added new content on the page below this week; On this page, you can also try out the live
online Multilingual Product User Manual on the page below:

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What quality of mask and air purifier products can protect you from catching Wuhan virus?

A list of world bleeding-edge tech products which we recorded at CES 2020 can be seen here


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How to stop the illegal policies and abuses by any gov offices and Woke Organizations so as to reduce the power of the NAZI Communist Dictatorship in our own city and nation

This show discussed the facts about Jan.6 protest at the U.S. Capital Hill Building; Aired On: 12/04/202
 Learn more details on this subject below:
Some facts show that FBI are involved with some violence happened at the Capital Building on Jan.6, 2021;
Why has the Biden Regime, the Congress Dem Party and FBI have been hiding the Capital Building security camera video footage recording on Jan.6, 2021 from the public?
Dec. 05, 2021 – Jeanine Pirro takes no prisoners in a blistering opening monologue on America’s crime wave on ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine.’
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) went scorched earth on the Senate floor Thursday in opposition of Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, President Biden’s nominee to fill the Massachusetts U.S. attorney role. Senator, Thank you for standing up to protect our safety!!
Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan includes a number of provisions that hurt lower class families, including the provision for universal child care. Donna Jackson, from Project 21, sat down with One America’s Christina Bobb to provide the details.
The nation’s most prominent media organizations joined a legal brief in support of Steve Bannon’s right to release 1,000 pages of documents relating to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, and Dow Jones argued that constraining the public release of the documents the former Trump aide’s lawyers have accessed via legal discovery would run counter to the First Amendment.
Dec. 05, 2021 – Dan Bongino shows how the omicron variant and others are eroding personal liberty in the opening monologue of ‘Unfiltered.’
The latest rating of the Biden Regime:
This show covers Wuhan Virus mandates, vaccines, and lockdowns across the globe. Our guests are: Dr. Peter Navarro, Dr. Robert Malone, Ben Harnwell;  Aired On: 12/04/2021
Liberty Counsel is pleased to announce that we are now working with over 100 affiliate attorneys in all 50 states to fight unlawful “vaccine” mandates. Our affiliate attorneys expand our capabilities by counseling clients, sending demand letters and communicating with the employers or educational institutions of our clients.


Violent Crimes + Terrorist Attacks + Illegal Immigrants + Illegal Votes + Corruption + Slave Labor Encouraged by the policies of the Globalist Elites Cabal (including most of the Dem Party members and RINOs) in the U.S.: What can we the PEOPLE do to reduce these?

George Soros’ network of woke DA’s he has bankrolled in cities across the US: How the Billionaire Democrat megadonor gave Chicago’s Kim Foxx $2M and Philly’s DA – where murder has doubled – got $1.7M
Click above to learn more details on this; More info below:
Jesse Watters reveals the full extent of the crime wave sweeping the country, who are the WOK D.A. in these cities and who DONATED millions to help these WOKE people get D.A. jobs in these cities!!
“It is My Duty as a Citizen of This Country to “Throw Off” a Corrupt and Tyrannical Government” – J6 Detainee Sends Out Heartbreaking Letter to the American Public — PLEASE DONATE HERE
Dec. 04, 2021 – Chef Pam Dennis hosts fundraiser raising thousands for victims of Christmas parade tragedy
Mass Organized Crime Retail Invasion | Rudy Giuliani | December 3, 2021
LAPD Officers Arrest 14 Suspects in Connection with ‘Smash-and-Grab’ Robberies – But Release All of Them because of Zero Bail Policy
Gang member, 25, charged in fatal Manhattan stabbing spree that killed Columbia student and wounded Italian tourist has been arrested 11 times since 2012 and was on parole for gang attack
Compare how the U.S. legal system has treated white and black criminals;
BREAKING: Clinical Psychologist Breaks Down 5 Stages of Epstein Grooming Tactics; CIA child sex scandals exposed
CBP: Migrants from Terror-Plagued Regions Are Crossing the Southern Border


How to Effectively fight back against the NAZI Communist Brainwash pushed by the LEFTY media and education organizations
Controlled by the Slave-using Globalist Elites Cabal in North America!

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Be like David. Be Brave. Contact Project Veritas at
Click above to learn more details on this; More info below:
Media, Big Pharma demonize Ivermectin, say not ‘money-making’ like other treatments, denied COVID patient’s lawyer | Just the News
VIDEO: Tucker Says Alex Jones Has Been A ‘Far Better’ Journalist And ‘Guide To Reality’ Than Corporate Media Figureheads
Corporate tendencies to weigh in on social issues are not being received as warmly as company executives may think, according to findings recently published by the Brunswick Group.
The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is calling for a “Black Xmas” this year, urging supporters not to buy from “white companies” and “buy exclusively from Black-owned businesses” this holiday season.
Gavin Newsom has a great Thanksgiving vacation at $29,000-a-night villa owned by a Russian oligarch who admitted dodging $248M in taxes – days after extending California’s state of emergency
Pew Study Shows 53% of White, Liberal Women Have a Mental Disorder
Triple Vaccinated Doctor Gets Omicron — Then Passes It On to Another Person
Covid-19, which is a man made weapon of mass destruction, was intentionally released to cause global panic and human isolation;  Anything that could help prevent death from this bioweapon has been vilified such as early intervention with Hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.


The latest news about 2020 Election auditing results + Support these MAGA candidates to win the U.S. Congress Seats!

Please learn more about this from the videos below:
Judge overseeing Wisconsin election probe accuses mayors of covering up evidence of fraud
EXCLUSIVE: Former Maricopa County Recorder Steve Chucri Full January Phone Call With We The People AZ Alliance: “I Think It Was DONE Through Dead People Voting; I Think It Was Multifaceted” (AUDIO)
ARIZONA: ELECTION INTEGRITY RALLY – December 17th at Arizona Attorney General’s Office
The Republican candidate for secretary of state in Michigan is sounding off on election integrity in the state. One America’s Christina Bobb has more.
State Sen. Burt Jones, representing Georgia’s 25th district, gives The Real Story on Stacey Abrams run for governor.
Despite the New York Times refusing to put on bestseller list, the book is strong in the market. As a holiday gift special, we will hold Kindle price down at $2.99 til Monday midnight. Available on Amazon at
I100% support the Second Amendment Preservation Act. Do-nothing establishment RINO’s and lobbyists will never truly stand up for the Second Amendment to protect your gun rights. Don’t be fooled.
Once again our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line for us daily and we must return to the rule of law. Our condolences and prayers are with the family and law enforcement officers as they put their lives on the line every day.
*MAGA CANDIDATE NEEDED*  MEET RINO AZ REP JOEL JOHN. He is one of two RINOS that voted with 29 Democrats to defeat a photo ID requirement for mail-in ballots. The other RINO, Michelle Udal, is not running for re-election.
You can donate money to many honest Americans who are censored by the woke social media platforms in the North America
We need to start voting with our dollars and ensure that our purchases are supporting companies that promote freedom.
RedBalloon expands, offering pro-freedom marketplace


What can we the hard-working silent majority do to keep Law and Order and also Freedom in our own city?


During the past 20 plus years, many young people in public schools and colleges in North America are taught these points: The private business social system is unfair and worse than the socialist and Communist systems. They should not follow the Law and Order in North America and change the North America private enterprise social system into Communist system.

Many young people brainwashed by the above kind of lefty education and media have not followed Law and Order and just want to have a good life and gain power through violence in the cities controlled by the Racist and Greedy far lefty radicals; Meanwhile, many poor immigrants have made a decent living through their hard work in North America. So, these violent protesters have brought and will bring us more violence and damages using any excuses such as “BLM” and “Climate Change” ideas if they are not stopped now.
If we busy silent majority do NOT want to see any more of this violence including violent protests in our local area, we need to take some actions on this NOW. If we receive lots of thoughts and suggestions on this topic, we will organize one online group for us to talk about this. You can reach us at or on our Contact Form:

People’s suffering under NAZI Communist dictatorship social systems dreamed and promoted by the brainwashed ignorant or evil lefty people in the western countries who have never lived under such dictatorship social systems

Please learn more about this from the videos below:
Peter Nevarro said this: This post is well worth a read as the CCP makes the world bleed.
Dec. 04, 2021- Legal expert Jamil Jaffer describes the dangers of China and calls for bipartisan opposition to the country on ‘Fox News Live.’
Americans View China as Top Threat, Fear War with the CCP

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