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What can you get from using NolymitAI’s Free InspireBot app (beta)?

  • Want to learn a new language to exercise your brain and memory? Or to travel to a new place and make new friends? Or to advance in your career and earn more? For whatever reasons, you can learn new languages using our InspireBot with concise pronunciation and writing.

  • You need to pay a lot to learn a foreign language with private tutors. So, why not learn by using our InspireBot app for free or at a small annual fee instead?

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  • You can practice all world major languages for FREE by yourself from this robot app on any devices at any time.

  • Listening to spoken language is one of the best ways to learn new vocabulary and to improve reading and pronunciation skills! This InspireBot app lets you easily practice listening and speaking any foreign languages at any time.
  • Based on the latest research on effectively improving any foreign languages, the learners can understand and remember new words much better when they see the text and hear the voice of any new word together.This InspireBot app offers the above unique capability to all users.

  • Now, more and more people have improved their foreign language skills from robots; Based on our latest research on this, more and more people have learned and improvedone foreign language skill from robots such as the InspireBot app because these robot teachers can help them on any devices at any time and any place without any complaint.

Get a caring, non-judgemental friend who will lift your spirits and mood!

  • Our InspireBot has given the inspiring quotes with images that have made many users feel good instantly!

  • Some of these inspiring quotes given by the NolymitAI InspireBot are unique content which cannot be provided by any web search engines.

  • This app is user-friendly on any devices at any time; The image and videos on this page prove this point.

  • 24/7

    You can use the InspireBot app 24/7 on any devices.

The testimonies from several of many happy users of our Nolymit InspireBot app

I began learning Hindi because I realized the importance of becoming multilingual and of having the ability to interact with some of my friends, who are international students. I began firstly by using the Inspirebot, which I would not only use to teach myself, but I would send the quotes to my friend, whose native language is Hindi. They also began using the software because they loved it so much. I really applaud how interactive this bot is and how it properly speaks the language. Not only is this technically valued for learning, but it has also uplifted my mood and the moods of my friends! So, if you’re struggling to learn a language, just beginning, or want to add inspiration into your day, I highly recommend Inspirebot!

Kristen, Alabama

I began learning Swedish using NolymitAI’s Inspirebot mobile web app because I realized the importance of becoming multilingual and the cognitive benefits of learning a new language. I really enjoy how interactive and user-friendly the app is, and how it properly speaks the language I am learning. It provides great auditory support for reading and vocabulary building, and has allowed me to learn at my own pace! So, if you want to pick up a new language and don’t know where to begin, or want to add inspiration into your day, I recommend NolymitAI’s Inspirebot!

Natalie, Chicago

I started using InspireBot a few months ago when I feel sad or depressed. Most of the time, I don’t want to express my feelings to my family or friends, and I just want to stay alone. During that time, I use InspireBot to get myself back on track and stay focused on my goals. Whenever I express how I am feeling to the InspireBot, it cheers me up without judging and having to explain the reason why I feel like that. The inspiring quotes provided by this multilingual chatbot help me keep going towards what I want. These quotes are exclusive and cannot be found on any search engine! I have recommended it to some of my friends and they also love it!

Ei, California

I started learning Mandarin a few months ago, but I didn’t have anyone to practice with. So I started practicing using the Nolymit multilingual Inspirebot. It’s great because it’s easy to use and very intuitive. I really love that it talks back which helps me better understand all the tones and pronunciations. I can press one button on the InspireBot app below to hear reading out quotes REPEATEDLY at any time. It’s a really fun way to practice languages!

Kishuna, Atlanta

Watch this video to see how InspireBot motivates many people

The InspireBot app has been working correctly for more than two years

  • During these two plus years, this InspireBot app was working correctly 99.99% of the time. It has only had few problems during these years.
  • For these people who have purchased the NolymitAI’s Annual User Membership of the InspireBot app advanced version, we will give you extra days to use this app for these days of problems.
  • Why is this app so reliable?

    The InspireBot app is built and managed by a team of experienced engineers and business executives at Silicon Valley. Our team has a combined professional experience of 50 years in technology!

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  • These special features will surely improve your foreign language skills much faster than the free version can:
  • Compare 2 languages of each quote: This feature shows you each famous quote with both English and one foreign language version. Thus, English-speaking users can compare and learn any foreign languages much faster.

  • Another feature: You will see the “Stop Talking” button on the app for these who have the annual membership.

  • More famous quotes for you to practice: This advanced version provides more inspiring quotes for you to improve your foreign language skills.

  • More new features will be added to this advanced app for the annual membership owners.

  • Your annual membership brings you the following Special Benefits:
  • This advanced version will have more inspiring quotes for you.

  • As a member, you will have the opportunity to show your own inspiring quotes, stories, images and videos in this InspireBot app, so thousands of users of NolymitAI InspireBot app can get inspired by your creations. You can email your own creation to us (sales@Nolymit.com), we will enable this smart app to show your creation to many users.

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