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We build AI multilingual chatbots.

Our Nolymit AI Startup Story and Mission

Our Story

In your life, have you encountered ill-treatments from unprofessional, corrupted or biased staff at some companies and government offices? Nolymit startup founding team members have experienced that often. In addition to that, we have seen personally that small businesses cannot sell their high quality products or services to foreign language speakers due to lack of bi-lingual professionals in their companies.

By luck, Nolymit tech startup founding team has gained good experiences with AI technology during past several years, especially through working on several multi-millions dollars of IBM Watson AI technology projects. The founding team saw that AI technology such as AI multi-lingual voice chatbot technology can really treat every customer equally and fairly, thus to reduce the above kind of ill-treatments in the world.

Our Mission

In addition to that, we found that this kind of AI chatbot will also greatly EMPOWER millions of small and medium size businesses to compete with big companies in the world. Common people in the world will always benefit from this: Get products and services from many small and medium size businesses that can compete with big monopoly companies and governments.

So, Nolymit founders have spent several years to build up the world leading AI multi-lingual voice chatbot technology. Now we are ready to use the above technology to empower many small and medium size businesses plus non-profits to compete with big organizations. Now, we are excited to see that many companies and organizations saw the power and benefits of Nolymit AI multi-lingual voice chatbot technology and are on our customer waiting list.

Our Nolymit company name is picked based on this social mission!

Our Philanthropy

Let’s walk the talk, together Nolymit’s Goodwill program gives charities and non-profits the power of connection. Contact us to be selected for the Nolymit Goodwill Program.

Nolymit team combines 80 plus years of experiences covering IT engineering and business management at world top tech companies

Our commitment to high quality, honest and reliable work

Our rich experiences related to our technology and businesses gained at several world top tech companies empower us to make this commitment possible.


We celebrate diversity

*Nolymit AI startup team consists of passionate and talented engineers and executives, especially female and minority. Nolymit now is lead by the major co-founder Helen Yu, and her LinkedIn page is here; One of our IT advisers: Vitali (his LinkedIn page) .

*We recruit and promote talents based on their real passion, skills and achievements regardless race, gender, age, location, political opinions and other unrelated things. This kind of culture empowers us to produce the current world-leading technology and products and also empowers our above commitments.

Reach Us

We’re excited to hear from you! You can reach us for any reasons and we will reply you as early as we can. You are warmly welcome to reach us through the following contact form or email address at any time.

We’re hiring!

Our happy customer base is growing and so are we. We are actively looking for spectacular people to join our team.