Online Multilingual Searchable Product User Manual App Loved by Product Buyers

Shipping the PAPER user manual of several languages with each product is extremely COSTLY!

With the cost of paper and web development rising, it can be very costly to add a multilingual feature to your Product User Manual

More people will return your products due to improper usage without understanding your product’s User Manual in one language, because many users of your product do not understand the language used in these User Manual; This also increased company’s Cost of Customer Service

Single Language Paper User Manual of any product has discouraged thousands who do not understand the User Manual to buy these products!

She does not understand the English User Manual of this new laptop!

For these people whose native language is not English, the skill to understand English documents CORRECTLY and FAST can only be gained through several years of serious schooling; So, reading English User Manual is a torture to them;

He can’t find the PAPER User Manual of his washing machine!

Thousands of thousand of people in the world cannot find their PAPER user manual when they need the manual of their products and hope to find the ONLINE version whenever they want!

The Multilingual Searchable User Manual App customized for your product will encourage more people to buy and love your brand product!!

Why is she so happy with this product?

She used her phone to scan one QR code on one small piece of paper in the package box to open the web page containing this product’s Multilingual Searchable User Manual App; She then can use app on both phone and computer;

Now, she opened this app and selected Chinese language on this app; Then she has entered any keywords in Chinese language to find the useful info in Chinese from this User Manual app;

These useful info in Chinese language have helped fix several issues of this product she encountered;

She has used the above app at any time and on any device as she needed to without needing to find this product’s English User Manual paper; This is why she is so happy with this product!

How will this world-changing technology benefit your company?

The above show you that our technology have brought lots of benefits for our clients, here are the major benefits:

This technology is 100% owned, built, managed and secured by NolymitAI tech startup in Silicon Valley, California.

The above will surely bring you more sales revenue! We have promoted our clients’ products to different types of media and consumers in North America for free, and it will be hard for our clients to reach these media and potential buyers!

This app will cut down big amount of translating and printing several language versions of User Manual shipped with each product for you;

The above great user experiences offered by your product’s Multilingual Searchable User Manual App will help your company look modern and cut down a big amount of costs of customer service for you;

The big amount of user data collected by your Multilingual Searchable User Manual App customized for your product will greatly help you improve your products; Your data will be as secure as your apps on any major cloud in the world. Without such app, it will cost you lots of money to collect these data.

Several mobile web apps built with the above technology have been working correctly 99% of the time during the past 3-4 years

We NolymitAI has used our exclusive world leading-edge technology discussed above to have built several reliable Multilingual Customer Service mobile web apps helping the worldwide users of several service products; The Multilingual Searchable User Manual mobile web app for your hardware product is just another kind of app.

The multilingual language understanding capability in our apps below is engineered by us using the world bleeding-edge AI technology sold to us by one of the world-famous big tech companies; In the past, thousands of people have used around 40 different languages to input keywords to find some correct info from our AI apps below, they told us that they understood these answers in their own languages from the apps below around 95% times; They also love the bonus offered by our AI apps below: For several world major languages, our AI apps can read out the text answers!

The AI Search technology in our apps below is engineered by our tech startup using the world bleeding-edge AI technology built by one of the world-famous big tech companies; So based on the feedback of thousands of the users of our multilingual apps below, their keyword inputs got the answers from our AI apps below around 97% times! Even your highly paid multilingual customer service agents cannot provide these high-quality answers.

These apps have been working correctly 99% of the time during the past 3-4 years; So they have been loved by thousands of users; Some of these apps are linked here for you to try out personally, so you can see the reliability of our technology discussed above.

This Multilingual Searchable Tech Products app helps find the info of the tech products selected by us

The Multilingual Searchable User Manual mobile web app Helps you find fast some useful info about 4 airports around Silicon Valley area

What is the cost for you to get the above type of magic Multilingual Searchable User Manual App from us?

Based on current market price for the above kind of technology in the world, we need to charge around $5000 to the regular clients for building the above kind of world leading-edge complex AI app ; But good news for the current interested companies, we are now selecting several companies for our Pilot Program discussed below;

If your company is selected to participate the current Pilot Program, you can get the above type of app for a Nominal Fee; You need to reach us early before we end this Pilot Program; We will provide you the details about our current ongoing Pilot Program after we receive your email;