The Customized Multilingual Talking User Manual Will Greatly Help Your Product Attract More Buyers, and Reduce Customer Service and Product Returns!

High Cost of Customer Service and High Returns of many products is mainly caused by Single language Paper User Manual

Customer dissatisfaction with instruction manuals significantly impacts brand loyalty and product usability. According to a study in 2023 by Brigham Young University:

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For non-English speakers, the ability to understand English documents correctly and quickly can only be developed through several years of intensive education. Consequently, reading an English user manual can be a torturous experience for them.

Poor understanding of user manuals in a single language led to increased product returns. Many customers cannot use the product effectively if they do not understand the manual, which increases cost of the customer service.

It will cost your company lots of money and time if you try to engineer this yourself.

Scroll down to learn about the details of how the NolymitAI chatbot technology solves the above problems.


NolymitAI Talking Chatbot User Manual has helped the brands using this to boost their profit margin better than ChatGPT has

This video demos these benefits brought by the Product Multilingual Talking Chatbot User Manual built with NolymitAI technology

The Multilingual Talking Chatbot Manual delivers instant instructions based on user keywords. Users appreciate its ease of use, multilingual support, and voice features, which enhance understanding and reduce the need for customer service.

Yes, users can enter keywords in their native language, not just English! Based on lots of data, most buyers of your brands in lots of countries do not speak one single language. This kind of Multilingual Talking Chatbot User Manual will save your brand lots of money in providing many language versions of your manual.

As most consumers do not have the patience to read boring user manuals on paper or web pages, they ignore the product’s user manual, which leads them to misuse their new products. With the Online Searchable User Manual, these users find the needed solutions instantly and listen to them word by word through the voice feature. Thus, they have a positive user experience with their products!

Several companies have engaged us to develop online, searchable user manuals with voice features for their products. Customers have greatly enjoyed learning how to use their purchases through these voice-assisted online manuals. This innovation has resulted in fewer product returns and a decreased need for customer service, thereby boosting the companies’ sales profits.

The Multilingual Talking Chatbot User Manual is highly customizable, We NolymitAI tech startup will build specific chatbot user manual based on your brand of specific English user manual.


How a Multilingual Chatbot User Manual Can Boost Your Profit Margins

How this brand’s talking multilingual chatbot user manual convinced the above buyer without English native language skill to buy and Love this brand’s product!

She has limited English skill. Before her purchase, she scanned a QR code beside the product’s image on the website, which led her to this product’s multilingual chatbot User Manual built by NolymitAI. Here, she quickly learned about this product in Chinese, prompting her to buy it from the English-language web page.

Upon unboxing, she scanned a QR code included on a slip inside the package. This opened the product’s multilingual user manual on a webpage, accessible from both her phone and computer.

In the app, she chose Chinese as her preferred language and used keywords to navigate the manual. This enabled her to quickly resolve several issues with the product.

She has been able to access the chatbot anytime and on any device, eliminating the need to search through an English User Manual. This ease of use significantly enhances her satisfaction with the tablet.

Extensive research and tests with online resources, including other chatbots like ChatGPT, indicate that quickly accessing a native-language manual remains challenging. This is especially true for older adults and non-English speakers, who often have significant purchasing power.

NolymitAI Chatbot Technology Outperforms ChatGPT in Solving Foreign Language Problems in User Manuals

Many hardware companies worldwide have tried other tech startups’ chatbot technologies, but even ChatGPT has not solved the problems mentioned above. You can try ChatGPT yourself to see if it solves these issues. If you find any other technology that helps, please reach out to us through the form on this page.

As a thank you, we will provide your company with two hours of free consulting to answer your questions related to this problem.

Can most of your product users rely on ChatGPT to understand your product’s user manual in their native language? The answer is NO!

Based on our testing with ChatGPT technology, most of your product users will not be able to quickly find the needed information in their native language within your user manual for the next several years.

Some hardware companies have invested significant time and money in other chatbot technologies, like the ChatGPT API, to build multilingual chatbots. However, they failed to achieve the capabilities of our NolymitAI-powered Multilingual Talking User Manual Chatbot.

As a result, most user manuals for hardware products worldwide remain limited to a single language in paper or web formats.

The Multilingual Talking User Manual Chatbot, powered by NolymitAI technology, effectively addresses the challenging problems faced by many companies. Our dedicated team at NolymitAI has invested several years and substantial resources to develop this cutting-edge solution.

Hear what those who have tried several Multilingual Chatbot User Manuals said about these chatbots


I am blown away by the benefits of NolymitAI’s Online Talking User Manual technology. My mom struggled with a complex paper manual for her wheat grinding machine and missed out on useful features. With this technology, users can easily find and understand information through keyword searches, tutorials, and real-time voice feedback. It’s a game-changer for product usability and customer satisfaction.

Subhranshu Shekhar from India

NolymitAI’s multilingual capability is outstanding. Testing the demo in Turkish with real-time voice feedback was seamless and user-friendly. This feature allows my parents, who are in the U.S., to understand the user manual without my help, enhancing usability with accurate translations. It’s a great solution for many in the U.S. who can’t read English user manuals.

Fred S. from Turkey

NolymitAI Chatbot Technology Outperforms ChatGPT in Solving Foreign Language Problems in User Manuals

We NolymitAI has used our exclusive world leading-edge technology discussed above to have built several reliable Multilingual Customer Service mobile web apps helping the worldwide users of several service products. The Multilingual Searchable User Manual mobile web app for your hardware product is just another kind of app.

The multilingual language understanding capability in our apps below is engineered by us using the world bleeding-edge AI technology sold to us by one of the world-famous big tech companies. In the past, thousands of people have used around 40 different languages to input keywords to find some correct info from our AI apps below, they told us that they understood these answers in their own languages from the apps below around 95% times. They also love the bonus offered by our AI apps below: For several world major languages, our AI apps can read out the text answers!

The AI Search technology in our apps below is engineered by our tech startup using the world bleeding-edge AI technology built by one of the world-famous big tech companies. So based on the feedback of thousands of the users of our multilingual apps below, their keyword inputs got the answers from our AI apps below around 97% times! Even your highly paid multilingual customer service agents cannot provide these high-quality answers.

These apps have been working correctly 99% of the time during the past 3-4 years. So they have been loved by thousands of users. Some of these apps are linked here for you to try out personally, so you can see the reliability of our technology discussed above.

This Multilingual Searchable Tech Products app helps find the info of several tech products displayed at CES 2020 Show

The Multilingual Talking User Manual mobile web app Helps you find fast some useful info about 4 airports around Silicon Valley area

On your each product’s Smart Talking User Manual app, your product users can post suggestions and questions for your product

After your product’s worldwide users have used your product’s Smart Talking User Manual app built by us, they can click to post their questions in any language as they wish on the special well-functioned online group for your product if the answer is not yet in your Smart User Manual app.

Anybody can read these posts in any language on the above online group. We are sure that some of your product users cannot read or write English fluently.

The worldwide users can also post their user experiences and suggestions for your product in this group at any time. Your product design team can use these feedback to improve your product fast!

So far, very few online groups can offer the above functions. This feature is free for your product!!
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What is the cost for you to get the above type of magic Multilingual Searchable User Manual App from us?

Based on current market price for the above kind of technology in the world, our implementing fee and monthly usage fee is very competitive and effective. We are now selecting several companies for our Pilot Program discussed below.

If your company is selected to participate the current Pilot Program, you can get the above type of app for a Nominal Fee. You need to reach us early before we end this Pilot Program. We will provide you the details about our current ongoing Pilot Program after we receive your email.

How can you get the above type of Multilingual Talking User Manual App customized for your product from us ​through our Pilot Program​?

Our NolymitAI tech startup has tried our best to make it very easy for you to get such app from us! The process to get this app will only take several minutes of your time.

You just need to give us a digital copy of English User Manual of your product. We will use this info to build the Multilingual Searchable User Manual mobile web app for that product. After it is finished, we can embed this app similar to the following app on one web page of your website or our as you wish:

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When will you end your Pilot Program for building the above type of Multilingual Searchable ​Product ​User Manual ​mobile web app​​?​
This program will be ended shortly after we have selected several companies for this. ​For now, this Pilot Program is still accepting applications from small tech companies in the world.

You can learn about more benefits of the technology discussed above from the web pages below:

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