Find and buy tech products from trustworthy No-slave-labor and Environment-friendly brands in the world at our NolymitAI Multilingual Online Store app here

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Cheap pirated products made by slave or prison labor have been sold everywhere, but recent polling result show that most people in advanced countries do not support products that damage environment made using slave labor. But, it has been difficult for most conscious buyers to find the products that meet the above mission.

Based on the above needs, our NolymitAI team built this world’s first Online Store mobile web app to reach the above mission:
This app will contain many reputable trustworthy brands that can meet the above standards; Currently during the beta trial period, this Online Store robot app (beta) only contains several selective brands of world-leading rare tech products that meet our above mission. Your purchasing the products listed in this app shows that you support the above great mission! The brands in this app here may be added to or deleted from this app based on our relationship with these brands;


How can you find and buy some products you want from this Onlien Store app?
If you support our above mission, you are welcome to find and buy reputable brands of products from the app on this page in your native language. Your purchase will benefit yourself (safe and high quality brands at discount price) and also improve the world you are living with: Reduce slave and prison labor including political dissidents, stop IP stealing, improve our environment and support innovative brands in the world!


How to quickly find the product information in your native language from this app here?

This Online Store app only provides the product info of several brands. You can learn about these brand names after entering “help” here.  Any inputs not related to these brands will only get the list of brands only from this NolymitAI Online Store app.

  • Step 1: Select the language that is your native language;  
  • Step 2: If you know the English product name, you need to enter the English Product Name;
  • Step 3: If you do not know the English Product Name, you should enter ” help” in your native language below to get a List of
    English Product name from this Online Store app here;  
  • Step 4: You must enter the English Product Name here to get the info about any specific product: You should find the English
    product name from the above List and enter the English Product Name in this app to get correct info;  

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Tap on the button several times to see and hide the hidden help

The solutions to the voice issue you may encounter when using Inspirebot

Now, this AI voice technology is in beta. The AI chatbot here TALKs on major types of computers and mobile devices.

  • On some Apple devices, the language options will be displayed on Grey Panel on the bottom after Google Translation Button is pressed;
  • For now, this “?” symbol cannot be used in the input box and this issue will be fixed shortly;
  • Why does this chatbot talk html code sometimes? This is a bug in this chatbot app now. It will be fixed shortly.
  • The voice reply capability of this AI chatbot works better with Chrome browser or Android devices. In Safari browser, press the Talk Button to hear the last text reply.
  • If the voice reply feature does not work, please REFRESH your browser;
  • AI multilingual chatbot technology imagination
  • Try the talking feature on the English version first, then this chatbot will talk the foreign language based on your selection. Some languages on this chatbot do not have a voice.
  • English voice comes out faster than other language voice on this AI chatbot. So please wait for several seconds for non-English voice.

What benefits which you will gain by buying the products from this Multilingual Online Store app below?

  • The product info in your native language text and voice provided by this app is better than what you can get from other online store apps. This is due to our app using better quality AI translation technology. Welcome to reach us on this.
  • The owner of all brand products listed in this Online Store app may give some percentage of discount from normal market price to the buyers who used this app to find their products.
  • We may publish an “Honor List” with the names who bought products from this app; After you have bought any products from this app and if you inform us, we will place your name in this “Honor List”.
  • Very soon, we will add this feature to our app below: The buyers and the product sellers can chat in their native language about the specific product info here. This feature has been highly demanded by the users.

What is the process to buy the products from this Multilingual Online Store app below?

  • Learn how to use this robot platform from the image on this page.
    You can learn about how other similar software robot apps work from the tutorial videos on the home page of;
  • Enter “help” below to get a List of Branded Products offered by this app; Then enter the product name to learn about the details of any product in this list.
  • If you like to buy this product in any quantity, please inform us on this form below or email address, we will refer your needs to the brand owner in this robot.;
  • The owner of all brand products listed in this robot may give some percentage of discount from normal market price to the buyers who used this robot to find their products.

Enter the Correct English Product Name below to CORRECTLY understand in your native language the information of the product

(If the embedded app below is not working well on your phone, please click here to open the same app;)