NolymitAI’s Multilingual 24/7 Smart Helper app for traveling around Silicon Valley area airports!

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The following demo shows you the steps to effectively use this smart travel mobile web app, watch this carefully!



Tap on the button several times to see and hide the hidden help


For now, this travel mobile web app gives you correct information on the following topics:

  • The 4 airports around the Silicon Valley area: SFO, San Jose, Oakland and Sonoma County airports;
  • Public Transportation Resources around these airports;
  • Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off locations for private cars, taxi and apps like Uber and Lyft;
  • Restaurants and drink places at each of the 4 airports in the Silicon Valley area
  • Several tourist spots around S.F. city and Bay area;

Here are some of the keywords to help you get started:

  • Enter “help” to know how to use the app;
  • Enter “taxi” together with an airport name to get taxi/Uber/Lyft pick up and drop off places available at that airport
  • Enter “restaurants” together with an airport name to get info on restaurants at that airport;
  • Enter “drink places” together with an airport name to get info on drink places at that airport;
  • Enter “transportation” together with an airport name to get a list of transportation services available at that airport
  • Enter “S. F. city” to get the brief info about San Francisco city
  • Enter “Oakland city” to get the brief info about Oakland city
  • Enter “San Jose city” to get the brief info about San Jose city
  • Enter “tourist spots” to see a list of selected tourist spots
Why can this app help you find the info about these four airports faster and save you time and money?

Each year, millions of people travel to San Francisco-Silicon Valley-Bay-Area. But, this area is not easy to travel around and has four airports: SFO, San Jose Airport, Oakland Airport, and Sonoma County Airport. We have gained useful travel info about SF-Bay-Area after many months of traveling here. So, we used this knowledge and our technology to empower this robot mobile web app to save you time and money when traveling!

Find the Correct Info Instantly about the above Topics in Your Native Language from this Robot for Free Now!

Our Help for Most Tech Issues of Using This App
  • This robot app is in beta. It works in the world’s major browsers on most major types of computers and mobile devices.
  • This app replies to your questions using AI technology. Based on our RICH experiences, no human or other apps in the world can give you better FREE help than this app can on this! Bust occasionally, few replies are not correct. If this happens, please try different inputs to get the good reply which you are looking for.
  • Chrome browser enables more languages to talk on this app.
  • If the voice reply feature does not work, please REFRESH your browser.
  • Some languages on this app do not have voice. Talking capability in this app is a bonus to the user and not guaranteed.
  • Please wait for several seconds for non-English voice.