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    # All the private messages can only be viewed by the sender and receiver on Nolymit mobile web app, and they are not visible to anybody in Nolymit startup company staff. Only the persons who know your password can see your private info inside your account. Nolymit app company staff do not know your password. We do not track and sell your personal info and messages.

    # The first way to do this:
    * You must know the member Account Name to be able to send a message to that member.
    * To log in: You can do this below the Nolymit company logo on desktop; On mobile devices, touch the Hanberger Menu button to see the login form;
    * After you login, Touch or Click on your Account name to see your personal dashboard
    *Select “Messages” button. This will take you to a page where you can enter the addressee member id and your message.

    # The second way to reach this goal:
    * When you reply one post, if you check the box “Private reply” at the bottom of the page, this message will be sent as the private message to the topic post creator and your message will not be displayed at this page.

    If your account is reported to Nolymit app management for sending harmful and illegal messages to others on Nolymit mobile web app, your account will be cancelled and your IP address will be blocked to access Nolymit mobile web app.

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