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    # What our Nolymit A.I. startup can offer now: 

    * Recently, you may have heard about these from lots of VC investors: They are going to invest lots of money in startups related to A. I. products in the coming several years. So, Nolymit global A. I. startup will be one of their investment targets. You can learn about some info about the key co-founders of this A. I. startup at
    *Our Nolymit mobile web app founding team in Silicon Valley has been building several very unique A. I. chatbots that will save millions of people and many companies lots of time and money. These A. I. chatbots will give great experiences to those who need them and will be leader in some areas. The following is one of our A. I. bots beta version:
    * You may have heard about this: Most western tech startups have failed in the world growing market – China. The global founding team at Nolymit startup will be able to obtain the users in China before our mobile web A. I. products are copied in China. So Nolymit A. I. products will be leader in our space at both North America and China/Asia market.

    *The part-time consultants or seed investors can earn generous equity at Nolymit startup now. Those who have earned serious amount of early equity at Nolymit A. I. startup will be selected to be co-founders or long term full-time executives after Nolymit receives VC investments in the coming months. These who have earned serious amount of early stage equity at Nolymit will have more opportunities at Nolymit than later applicants. So, we can work together to help Nolymit A. I. chatbots solve problems for millions of people and companies in the world.


    # What we are looking for:

     *You are excited about mobile web startups and artificial intelligence technology and really want to be part of the above kind of startup team. You have been looking for exciting and respectful startup team. You have done lots of business operation work with some startups and went through ups and downs of tech startups, Now, you really want to earn serious equity and experiences at our Nolymit startup through long term exciting startup work.

    * Now and in the coming months, you have the time to commit at least six months of part-time or full-time work. During each month, you can commit over 30 hours of serious recorded quality work. For now, this opportunity is for both experienced or junior person. The senior level consultant and junior level consultant will earn different equity for the same worked hours.

     * You are the positive person with these characters and mindset: – Look at everything with “glass half full” attitude. – Like to make your own contributions to improve the products instead of spending your time criticizing the work of others and waiting others to improve the products. – Only want fair credits and equity for your contribution to any success and you like many practices of Silicon Valley startups; – Like to get job done with all efforts.

    # How to Apply for this Opportunity

    * Please email your resume and application letter to “contact”
    * Welcome to post your questions below.
    Nolymit A. I. Startup Founding Team
    at Silicon Valley,  San Jose, California

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