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    * Connecting with other members at Nolymit app will let your account do the similar things as Facebook user can.
    * In addition to the above power, after you organize your private group at Nolymit.com app, you can only invite those users who are connected with you to joint your private group.
    *The members at Nolymit.com mobile web app speak different languages. When you need translation help, they may help you for free if you are nice to them.

    How ?

    # One way: When you see some posts at Nolymit app, and you want to connect with the members of these posts, you can tap/click on any username. This White button “Add Friend” should be displayed to the viewer, tapping/clicking on this button should send the notification to this user just like facebook does;

    # Another way to connect:

    * If you know the screen user name of any member, you send one private message to the above name inside your profile page telling this person to connect with you on Nolymit app.

    # This person’s email box and smart phone will receive your message instantly. This person can view your public profile after tapping/clicking your username. Under your user name, this White button “Add Friend” should be displayed to the viewer.

    # At this step, the viewer should tap/click this button, then your username account will display the notification after you login to Nolymit mobile web app and this notification will be also sent to your emailbox instantly.

    # After you click/tap “Accept” button inside your profile, you and that member is connected;

    Readers are warmly welcome to post Q and suggestions on this clicking reply on this page.

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    After you login, you click this small font word on top of each forum: “subscribe” .

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