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    # Why on Nolymit.com app?

    *If you organize your private group at some major websites or apps (Gmail, facebook and others) that are blocked in some countries such as China, then some of your members travel to or live in that country, they cannot see the content of your groups (public, private or hidden) on these major websites or apps.

    *Your private group or public forum at Nolymit mobile web app will get more supporters and members faster:
    You or your group members can create any public forum here to introduce your group to the world. Nolymit mobile web app is specially promoted to several search major engines in the world, so the people in the world will find our group names and public forum names in their search engines. This is very different from several major social network sites, so your group name on these private social network sites cannot be found in any search engines;

    *If you want to collect membership fee for your private content at Nolymit app, you can easily collect fee at Nolymit.com/app page. For current private group organizers, we only collect 3% process fee charged by the credit card company of the amount you collect from your private group users.

    *Opening account at Nolymit.com mobile web app does not require people to open another email account; People can open account at Nolymit using their existing gmail and facebook accounts;

    *The content of all private groups on Nolymit mobile app is only viewed by the members of each private group members and also encrypted. This is different from many other mobile apps, especially some apps hosted in China. Nolymit mobile web app is hosted in North America.

    *Any members at Nolymit.com mobile web app can create Public and Private groups. Each group members can read and post on the user friendly forum. The user experiences for the group members and organizers are much easier than that on other social media apps.

    *The benefits of Hidden Groups at Nolymit mobile web app:
    If you do not want anybody to see the name of your private group, you can create one Hidden Group. How other members on Nolymit app can join your Hidden Group will be discussed below.

    *The unique benefits of the public groups on Nolymit mobile web apps
    : The public group owner can use public content at Nolymit mobile web app to promote their groups in many places such as Twitter. Our Nolymit app promote our content on several web search engines including Chinese search engines, so your public group content will be found by millions worldwide through searches, and thus more people will join your private groups if you wish. This feature is not offered by several major private social network websites and apps, as your posts inside these private social network cannot be found by web search engines such as Google.

    *The organizer can poll among group members and also can use other features at Nolymit mobile web app.

    *Online private group let your members freely discuss among themselves within the private space without worrying. The group owner at Nolymit app can quickly kick out any members out of your group if they do not follow your group rules.

    # How to Join One Private or Hidden or Public Group?

    *Find any private group name:
    -The private and hidden group names inside Nolymit mobile web app cannot be found by searching on this page.
    -Only those who are member of any private group can send you the link of the group page; After you login your account at Nolymit.com mobile web app, you can click/tap the button “Request Membership” on the page;
    -Another way: When you read the content on Nolymit.com web page, you can click on the writer name of any post on Nolymit.com app. You can click/tap on “Groups” on the writer profile page and you may see some private group names on this person’s profile page.

    *After you see the private group name, you can click/tap the group name to see the group public page. if you are not a member of this private group, you should see this button “Request Membership”, you can tap/click on this button to join.

    * The group manager will receive the notification of your request instantly. This group will see your public profile and your public content on Nolymit mobile web app, this can decide accept or reject your request.

    *If many members at Nolymit.com mobile web app know your Screen name of your account, the private and hidden group organizers will friend you. After you are connected as friends, they can invite you to join their private or hidden groups.

    *Join one hidden group at Nolymit.com mobile web app:
    But if this group is created as “hidden group” by the group owner, then this group name will not be found in the search results. Some group owners just want their own people to communicate inside their hidden groups at Nolymit app. If they invite you to join their hidden groups, the group owner can invite your username account on Nolymit.com mobile web app.


    # After you joined one group, how to receive timely notices of all posts in this group?

    You should see “Subscribe”  word on the top of each forum, you need to click on this word and then you will see ” “Unsubscribe”,   then your account emailbox will receive the above.  Click  “Unsubscribe” word to stop receiving the above notices.


    # How to Create a Private or Public Group?

    * Tap/click on your Profile Image on the Top Right corner, the black panel will be opened.

    * Then find “Group” on this black panel, and tap/click on it. Now, you should see 3 choices, you can select “Create a Group”

    * Then, you should follow the guide before your eyes to create the group based on your needs.

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