Nolymit AI Voice Chatbot Mobile Web App Gives You Chicken Soup Inspiring Quotes on Any Device 24/7 for Free!

Nolymit AI Voice Chatbot Mobile Web App Gives You Chicken Soup Inspiring Quotes on Any Device 24/7 for Free!

This caring AI (Artificial Intelligent) chatbot mobile web app below gives you many chicken soup style INSPIRING famous quotes 24/7 on any device for FREE! Now just input your mood below to obtain them! You can also PRACTICE foreign language on this MULTI-lingual chatbot for free! The following 1-2 minute tutorial shows you how to quickly benefit from this.

Double clicking / taping on this web link “” (text chatbot that is faster than Voice based InspireBot below) should open Nolymit InspireBot mobile web app. Cannot open the above web link? Copy and Paste, that is faster than the talking bot below, in your browser on your phone. Want the talking Inspirebot? The talking version is below.

Bullied at school? Lost direction for life? Not happy with the current politics? Have bad addition? Cannot find the right person to talk about any of the above? Now, you can chat with our InspireBot that will give you some surprising and useful advice, and ONLY YOU know what you talked with this bot! We sincerely hope that this InspireBot can prevent you doing some stupid things during your stressful time.

Nolymit Talking InspireBot (Beta)

The chatbot below TALKS on many computers and mobile devices after you input your mood. If the TalkInspireBot app below cannot display well on your mobile devices, please touch the blue app link below to open it on your device!

    English voice comes out faster than other language voice. So wait for several seconds for non-English voice. This AI voice technology is in beta, if this feature does not work sometimes, please try the following:

  • The voice reply capability of this AI chatbot works better with Chrome browser or Android devices.
  • Press/Click on the talk button below to hear after several seconds; REFRESH your browser;
  • Try the talking feature on the English version first, then this chatbot will talk the foreign language based on your selection. Some languages on this chatbot do not have voice;
  • The AI Inspirebot below is the same with this version: below. But sometimes, the voice feature on one chatbot does not work, the voice on another chatbot may work due to the complexity of AI technology. This is why we provide two copies of the same Nolymit InspireBot.
  • This chatbot is using the world bleeding-edge AI technology, so the voice feature may have some problems from time to time. If the above cannot fix the problem often, please help us improve this voice feature for you on the contact form on

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